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Position Your Brand Before Your Customers Do

The raw truth is that you have no control over how your brand is actually perceived in someone’s mind. But, that doesn’t mean you can shrug it off and ignore the work needed to develop a position. Forging ahead without understanding how your brand is truly different—and hoping you connect with your target customer at the right time and place—is like a driverless Mac truck. Understanding how you would like your brand to be perceived makes your marketing decisions easier and more effective.


People often confuse a positioning statement with a tagline, which is part of your brand. When positioning comes first, insights gained from working through the strategy can be effectively worked into a tagline. In thinking about how you want your brand to be perceived, you can subtly steer your audience toward this goal if you let the positioning statement influence the tagline.


So, let’s get right to it. What’s the difference between branding and positioning? The key is exactly that—differentiation. A thorough positioning strategy will help you define this point of differentiation in light of your competitors. Branding does not take competitors into account—you are simply presenting who you are and (hopefully) what you do. Positioning statements are for internal use only and help you make informed decisions on steering your customer’s perception of your brand.

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WooCommerce + Pinterest Buyable Pins? Wait, Don’t Walk


You’ve searched for years for the magic mix of talent, functionality and dependability to make your online business what it is today. Maybe it took a reliable web developer, a copywriter, a marketing strategist or a great designer to bring your ideas to life—maybe all of these—plus, an e-commerce solution that you can manage and that doesn’t manage you.


You chose WordPress and WooCommerce, like a lot of us did. This platform has proven itself over the past decade, and many of my clients have migrated to it because it solved a number of problems for them.


That Elusive Blue “Buy” Button

But wait…Pinterest launched these fabulous new buyable pins and I want in! As of this writing, Pinterest does not support integration beyond two platforms—Shopify and Demandware. My WooCommerce store is simply out of luck.


What now? Do I have to move to Shopify?

Many of my clients are asking this question. To answer it, I first reached out to Stripe. Stripe is our payment solution of choice for our client shops running WooCommerce. Their media contact—Kelly Sims—was exceptionally helpful and responsive, answering my emails over a weekend. Understandably, she wasn’t able to disclose Pinterest’s next steps, but she did mention that Stripe will “be ready to allow WooCommerce/WordPress to sell on Pinterest as soon as we get the go-ahead from them”.

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Content Marketing Is King

I just picked up a juicy new novel to read — one that sold me immediately with the typography used for the title. As much as I want to walk away from this screen for the day, The Girl On The Train will have to wait. I spent most of my day in client meetings, a normal routine for a small creative agency owner like myself. What finally hit home today was that everyone was asking for the same exact thing.


We need content.

Yes, you do. And you needed it yesterday.

So, what are we going to do about this? I’m overwhelmed.


Everyone agrees that marketing — whether it takes the form of networking or social media — must be done to realize growth for a company of any size. What’s not as easy to ascertain is how and where to target these marketing efforts. Marketing got complicated, and continues to be one of the fastest-changing fields. With the rise of one online community after another, it’s easy to become overwhelmed quickly.

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Four Takeaways From NMX You Can Implement Now

You Can Implement Them NOW

Last week, I went to New Media Expo in Las Vegas with no expectations whatsoever. It was my first time. I went solo, leaving my team (and the comfortable shoes I meant to bring) behind.

I went looking for specific, tactical advice to help my clients, for whom I ghostwrite blogs and produce podcasts. Even though not every topic I needed input on was addressed, I came away with some key takeaways that will help me implement the work I do more effectively and efficiently. I’m sharing them here in hopes they help you, too.


Takeaway #1


Effective social distribution means striving for personal connections.

Sayed Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner and host of other things you may recognize, led an excellent session on driving blog traffic at NMX. I came away with a list of actionable steps I can take, but the one that spoke to me the loudest was Bulk Buffer. Ever use it? Neither have I. What it does is it allows you to schedule your tweets from your blog content in a way that makes it easy for you to hand-select what you’re going to say.

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