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Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is more of a marathon, instead of a sprint. A comprehensive plan takes your entire online presence into account and relies on convergent media tactics that merge traditional public relations practices with building community on social media platforms and integrating digital paid media campaigns. Think about all the potential ways you have right now to reach people online, and you’ll quickly understand why reaching them with the right content is key.

Social Media

Social media is a highly effective way to build your brand, reinforce the value you bring and interact with your community. We like to incorporate traditional public relations tactics alongside new media for the most impact. Loka stays on top of social media trends by attending several national conferences each year, reading (and writing) blogs on the industry and watching new research closely. Let us bring this knowledge to you or your campaign and see what it can do!

social media

Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation, exactly? It’s the future. But, it’s already here. It’s never been more important to make sure your marketing efforts count. We back our social and digital advertising strategies and websites with data. As a certified inbound marketing partner with two of the leading software solutions (HubSpot and SharpSpring), we close the loop with data and monitor the metrics that count. Marketing and email automation used to be out of reach for many, but in 2016 that has changed. Get in touch for a free consultation, and see if the benefits of automation are right for your business.

Graphic Design

We’re going back to our roots here…did we mention we love to do this? We are passionate about everything from package design to catalog design to branding. And when you need more than one thing, we have packages we tailor to fit (i.e. business cards, rack cards, brochure and e-newsletter templates can all be rolled into one package for you). Get in touch, and mention our package offer.

graphic design

Web Development

We’ve been doing a lot of web design and making tons of landing pages these days. We love to tailor our clients’ social media pages to fit their new looks. Do you need to incorporate a new e-commerce strategy into your site? Do you want it to integrate into your social media efforts? We can do this, all with best practices for today’s global marketplace in mind. Plus, we offer managed, secure hosting on servers that our team constantly monitors ourselves. This means hacking is another thing you won’t be worrying about.

Copywriting / Editing

We love writing. LOVE it. Julie, Luke, Katherine and Nichole are all professional writers or bloggers. Our work is published in national academic journals and blogs on craft beer—and everything in between. We can draft a full editorial strategy for you and help you implement it. Or, maybe you just need a helping hand with your existing e-newsletter. Either way, we’re ready to assist.


Podcasts & Webinars

You can reach a global audience with effective content in podcasts and webinars. Smart, focused conversations through podcasting or webinars used as effective training tools will get your message in front of targeted audiences quickly. Paired with social media strategy, this method can deliver high return on investment for you.


Strategy informs all of the work that we do. We are digitally seamless, integrating pay-per-click ads with both paid and organic social media strategies as well as mindset-targeted mobile banner ads. Mindset targeting reaches people in apps where they are already spending time, resulting in contextual, timely messages. We incorporate sophisticated social media and content strategies that are optimized per platform to support client KPIs, and ensure that we stay on top of fast-moving algorithm shifts. Our audience-building tactics include a mix of paid, highly targeted ads that span brand awareness, traffic and lead generation. Then, we develop custom content and distribute it daily to engage the audience as it builds. Pay-per-click ads are incorporated to help drive traffic and increase conversions, and are constantly monitored for performance. At all times, we manage and refine keywords to optimize campaigns cross-platform.