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We’ve built processes over the years that start with strategy and ensure these strategies are reflected at every point of the campaign. LOKA believes that external communication plans are only as effective as their internal counterparts, and goes the extra mile to build consensus among internal stakeholders and staff members before crafting the external marketing plan. 

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Expertise includes:

  • Market Research: Surveys, Needs Assessments, Listening Sessions, Focus Groups
  • Audience Targeting: Mindset, Contextual, Location, Third Party Data Verification
  • Messaging/Positioning: Aligning stakeholders behind comprehensive positioning; maximizing external audience messaging
  • Public Relations: Story pitching and follow-up techniques to garner earned media
  • Digital Advertising: SMS messaging, geofencing, programmatic digital/mobile media
  • Public Education: Delivering complex messaging by integrating traditional public relations tactics with contextual digital campaigns and grassroots outreach
  • Social Media Marketing: Content creation (graphics, video, copywriting), distribution, and community management
  • Content Marketing: Blogging, video marketing, cross-platform content distribution
  • Web Solutions: Streamlining operations online under a cohesive brand
  • Visual Storytelling: Crafting cohesive visual campaigns using authentic stories told through compelling graphic and video elements
  • Data Analytics: Aggregating smart, actionable data for campaign reporting, grant outcome reporting, and overall effectiveness
  • Customer Experience: Delivering excellent customer experiences through personable, accountable, project management supported by collaborative online tools
  • Multicultural Marketing: Transcreating campaign language and visuals to reach diverse audiences